What’s the Best Built-In Oven?

As if there weren’t enough decisions to make for your new kitchen, when it comes to your built-in oven do you get an over or under-counter version, a double oven or two singles? And what about a matching built-in microwave appliance or even a steam oven, warming drawer or, better still, a self-cleaning oven?

Yep, such is the vast array of technology available to us today that choosing what you’re going to cook with can become very complicated indeed. So, we’ve attempted to simplify things a little here:

What is a built-in oven?

A built-in oven is one that aligns with your kitchen cabinetry, giving your kitchen a very sleek and contemporary look. It’s usually at eye level, making it easier to insert and remove food.

A built-under oven, as its name suggests, sits under the kitchen worktops and often has a hob on top. Homeowners who are a bit height-challenged prefer these as it can be awkward, not to mention dangerous, lifting heavy dishes such as casseroles above the head (especially since lifting the arms above head height means they’re not as strong). The downside is the oven is far easier for children to reach.

An alternative to an under-oven and stacked (double) version could be getting two single ovens placed side by side.
Both single and double ovens are available in compact as well as regular sizes. Having said that, the double oven is proving less popular today, which could point to a lack of replacement parts further down the line.

Here at London Kitchen Designers our most popular mid-point oven to date is the Neff Slide ’n’ Hide with pyrolytic cleaning – either in double or single versions. It’s an excellent oven but does need quite a bit of bedtime reading to get up to speed with everything it offers.

Our clients tend to opt for a single oven with microwave above and both fitted in a tall cabinet (in fact, a row of tall cabinets using same-brand appliances can look incredibly sleek). This single oven/microwave arrangement offers two ovens, two grills and a microwave.

Take a look at our distributer’s products here to get a better idea of what’s available www.waterline.co.uk

What is a pyrolytic oven?

And, just in case you were wondering – a pyrolytic oven is exactly what most householders are after in these time-precious days. That’s because they cut back on the amount of cleaning you have to do. They work by burning off any food residues inside the oven and turning them into ash which you can simply wipe away with a damp cloth. This is achieved by the oven heating up to 500 degrees.

Neff Pyrolytic Oven

Available added appliances (explained)
Steam Ovens. Smaller than a conventional oven, a steam oven works by using a water tank or being plumbed into your home. This will have to be filled up regularly but the benefits are far healthier food (more vitamins and minerals are retained) and tastier too thanks to the fact meat, fish etc are far more succulent.

Warming drawer. These have been around for a few years now and are a boon for large dinner parties in particular since they work by keeping meals hot. But that’s not all they’re use for. Some householders love them for proofing bread dough and eve slow cooking.

Vacuum drawer. A boon to sous vide cooking. Vacuum sealing drawers have only recently come on the scene but are already proving mighty popular, no thanks to TV’s Masterchef et al. Not only do they seal in the flavour of food, but also make it easy to separate it into portions.

What do you feel you can’t cook without? Take a look through our site today for inspiration and advice: www.eastlondonkitchendesigner.co.uk


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